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The consortium consists of partners from higher education, private industry, law enforcement, municipalities, and NGO’s. The partners have extensive expertise in the design and implementation of training programs in the field of international safety and security working with and employing safety and security professionals from the operational to the strategic level. An advisory board consisting of core players in the security arena ensures the quality, practical relevance and wide dissemination of activities. The consortium fully acknowledges and supports the EU's primary strategic objective to support the development of education and training mechanisms in member states by recognising the requirement for continued integration of contemporary skillsets and the appreciation of emerging technologies and their importance in the field of security, both from the perspective of law enforcement, right through to private industry practitioners and end-users in ensuring the security of European society against the challenges posed by the contemporary threat landscape. The concrete objectives of the participating organizations are to:

  • Boost knowledge exchange between academia, private enterprise and public bodies in the fields of safety and security management through the creation of knowledge structures and cross-sectoral, international educational (executive and open) programs.
  • Develop innovative education methods that leverage academic expertise in developing solutions, alongside end-users, in co-creating educational models and content that address real-world operational and cross-border needs.
  • Create and build networks across multiple sectors and disciplines in the safety and security domain, bringing the public and private sectors closer together in knowledge exchange to address European security challenges.
  • Act as a connecting point in the European security environment and related market, to reinforce public and private capabilities to prevent and respond to security threats.
  • Create a sustainable business model for delivering world-class education in the international safety and security market
  • Improve organization capacity to develop and deliver theoretical and technical training in a multi- stakeholder environment and to trigger entrepreneurial mind-sets.



Advisory Board


The partners are supported by an AB which covers a complementary portfolio of stakeholders and experts in order to broaden the international and domain scope of the ISM. The AB also covers representatives of organizations which are not eligible as partners. The members of the AB will be responsible for advising the PMT on various topics, keeping track of the overall progress and monitoring the continuity of the collaboration between the partners. The AB plays a crucial role in the co-creation and international logic of the programme. AB members will use their expertise in the development of the project and their network in the implementation and dissemination of the project. The twice yearly meetings of the AB will play an important role in the quality assurance, evaluation and dissemination of WPs. Members of the AB are carefully selected in order to represent diverse countries and sectors in the area of Safety and Security. The full AB of 15 persons cover the following sectors:

  • Security expert UN agency
  • International security cluster covering HEIs, private and public sector
  • Specialized security agencies from private and public sector (drugs, violent international conflict, financial crime, environmental crime)
  • HEIs in the field of safety and security from additional European countries (Norway, Germany, Macedonia, Spain, Belgium)
  • Law Enforcement Agencies


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