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The expected outcomes, results and outputs of the ISM-KA Project are designed to address the following 5 needs:

  1. Increased multi-stakeholder collaboration: A two-tier strategy is used creating short-term and long- term impacts: the short-term approach envisions the creation of an expert community/knowledge-sharing platform (Security Multilogue); the long-term approach comprises the creation of educational programs in the form of an Open learning environment and a Master Degree program.
  2. Increased co-creation: A joined-up and unified education and transfer of knowledge across and between students from the various multi-stakeholder organisations to specifically address the threats, risks, hazards and vulnerabilities posed to safety and security from an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.
  3. Shift to evidence-based management: The ISM-KA will provide a fundamental shift from "best practices" on discipline based approaches to training stakeholders on multi-disciplinary as well as on collaborative "effective practice" in safety and security.
  4. Better alignment between policy & practice: The ISM-KA will ensure the policy developed in domain and sector specific siloes and its subsequent implementation on the ground, is aligned to meet today's interconnected and interdependent System of Systems risks and threats.
  5. International perspective: interconnected risks and threats of safety and security are international in nature whilst being local in consequences. The ability of future decision makers to understand this international vs local context and understand how to identify, apply and manage lessons identified internationally and translate them into lessons learnt locally, will be a key outcome that our results and outputs from this ISM-KA will meet.
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