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Security Multilogue (open world version)

The Security Multilogue Platform (SMP) (open world version) is an exchange/knowledge tool for public and private security experts developed by Fondazione FORMIT in collaboration with the ISM-KA consortium members. It has been shaped around the development of the ISM Master’s Programme focused on International Security Management tailored to train the current and next generation of decision makers in the international arena of safety and security to implement adequate security management measures in their organisations.

The SMP aims at facilitating contact and engagement with and between a wide range stakeholders in the field of International Safety and Security. The SMP presents a shared environment where safety and security experts can exchange their views and experience by discussing and deepening their knowledge of the field. Experts can either open and/or participate in the discussion forums covering relevant topics ascribed to specific categories. These topics are updated according to emerging trends on international security management (i.e. International Security, Intelligence and Investigation, Organised Crime and Terrorism, Leadership, Security Management, Cyber).

The SMP aspires to become a reference social network in the security domain. Most of the content is publicly accessible. To participate actively in the live discussions a simple registration is needed. How to register to the platform can be found by watching this short video: 


Video tutorial - Security Multilogue Platform


To guarantee a regular update on current and emerging threats for International Security Management hourly updates from accredited sources (e.g. EUROPOL, INTERPOL, UN) are provided to users through dedicated RSS feeds, classified according to the abovementioned categories.

More details on the Security Multilogue Platform (open world version) can be found in the relevant report that have been produced after its official launch. 
Such a report is made available through the following link:

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