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Horizon Scanning Tool

The Horizon Scanning Tool for security threats/development has been developed to be able to scan for international security challenges in an ongoing process. The Horizon Scanning platform enables the ISM Master students, external experts and teachers to continuously update their knowledge of developments in terms of emerging threats, upcoming trends in the security market, and technologies. The process is based on an agreed taxonomy that follows the structure of the ISM Master. Its outputs will also be dynamically incorporated into the ISM course modules and integrated back into the Security Multilogue Platform. It is a tool that will facilitate the sharing of information and help create understanding across the diversity of involved communities and pave the way to a value-based prioritisation of the educational topics in the Master and in any future spin-off courses and research projects.

More details on the Horizon Scanning Tool can be found in the relevant reports that have been produced in the process of its development and implementation.
Such reports are made available through the following links:

The Horizon Scanning Tool in its first implementation and will only be available for Students and Faculty of the Executive Master's Programme in International Security Management. If and when it will become public, the new information will be made available on this webpage and on the ISM-KA website homepage.

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