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As main publication resulting from the ISM-KA project we have written an edited volume called "International Security Management: New Solution to Complexity", which will be published by mid 2020.

In this book we bring together a broad portfolio of perspectives and voices within the international security landscape: from members in police organisations and the private security sector to members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and public bodies, academics and artists. Our authors reflect diversity in sectors, disciplines and professional perspectives, which we feel belongs to a comprehensive discourse on international security management. In fact, this book represents only a part of the voices needed; still, we hope that it helps to encourage a broader dialogue across traditional (disciplinary) boundaries.

Our intention in this book is to give voice to the broad and varied perspectives on safety and security within our diverse societies. We believe that safety and security matters to everyone and that everyone has a legitimate voice in the creation and management of safety and security. Thus, it is important for us that people across disciplines, countries and outlooks contribute to the debate – and hope that our book will inspire more debates like it. In this sense, our book is intended for all stakeholders: for citizens, police officers, community workers, politicians, academics, consultants, engineers, artists, teachers and everyone else who cares about building safe and secure societies.

In the files below you can find the Chapter outline and the summaries of the Book as well as the Flyer announcing the book:

We expect the book to be published by mid 2020. Please keep an eye on this webpage or the Springer website and Amazon for announcement of the publishing date.

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